Hamburg’s Große Freiheit, usually crowded with people, in April 2020 

– one of the videos from last year that we found on our hard drives and phones for’s review of 2020. 

Usually, we produce participatory web series, but because participation is difficult at the moment, we want to test how we can work together on something across distance – and in the process have a shot at a different genre.

Year-end reviews usually tell a story – for the year 2020 that story has been how bad the year was, that not everything was bad, or why it wasn’t all bad. We don’t know yet what story we will tell – because we would like to use your videos for our review of 2020 – anything you thought was worth recording in 2020 is welcome! From all contributions we will edit a short film, which we will publish online. 

You can upload videos HERE. Please also include your name for the credits, your contact, so we can let you know when the film is finished, and tell us where and in what month the material was recorded – we are looking forward to seeing your videos!

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