Documentation by David Caines

An investigation into city pigeons with children from Holy Trinity CE Primary School in Manchester in the context of Animals of Manchester (including HUMANZ), July 2019.

 “Dear pigeons, 

we built homes for you, as you might not have one. If you are outside all the time, you might die. Sometimes humans even kill you! We heard about a story of a brave and strong pigeon – soldiers were shooting at a pigeon, but the pigeon survived. You are survivors. We do not agree with hurting you. We do not agree with hurting your legs. We do not agree with hurting your eggs – we heard that adults sometimes take away your eggs because there are so many of you. We do not agree with that. One last thing – we like chasing you. But if we chase you, it is just because we want to stroke you or hold you. We do not want to hurt you. 

From Holy Trinity Primary School! “